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Welcome to VPA-Systems.pl online shop

Welcome to VPA-Systems.pl online shop!



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New pictutre from Udo DK5YA
Yagi 70MHz 6el. 510cm (on the top of mast)

New pictures of antenna setup from Pop YO5ER
2 x 144MHz YAGI 6el. 240cm and 2 x 430MHz YAGI 10 el. 200cm.

New antennas set mounted on OE5XBL clubstation mast.
4 x 144MHz YAGI 6el. 210cm and 8 x 430MHz YAGI 7 el. 100cm with rear mount.

New user of HF LPDA Antenna 18-30MHz 560cm

Yann reports SWR below 1.2:1 almost over all bands. Only on 28 slightly higher - 1.6:1.

New HF LPDA Antenna 18-30MHz 560cm

*Antenna mounted near home of F4LKG

>> NEW antennas for 23cm band are available - >>Check NOW<<

My name is Lucjan SQ9VPA and I'm small manufacturer of DK7ZB antennas,
other HF,VHF and UHF antennas, aluminium masts and accessories.

Shipping is available to all EU countries by online order,
for rest of world please ask for shipping possibility.

All what you see here is prepared especially for you after order (I'm not reseller),
so you can easy change any part of product at the production.

I'm trying to each order was completed within 20 days...
...but I have many orders and please be patience because I have sometimes some delays.
- I apologize in advance.
 (This is because e
verything is prepared only by me)

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New Products For October
Dual-Band Yagi DK7ZB 144/430 MHz 6+10el. 200cm
87.00 Euro
881787 requests since Monday 30 August, 2010