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In our shop we accepts:

1. International Bank Transfer

Accepted payments are in the currencies: EUR

Payment should be made to the following bank account:

Owner: VPA-Systems Lucjan Niewiedzial
Address: ul. Ogrodowa 10, 32-545 Psary, Poland
IBAN: PL85 1050 0116 9490 0000 0026 0529
Bank: ING Bank Slaski

2. European Bank Transfer with the deferred payment deadline - only for QRZ.com registered users with matching EU shipping address and for all VAT-Eu European companies.

This specifically to avoid confusion when payment has already been made and there is a delay in delivery (for example due to illness) - Now you can pay when the shipment is on its way to you.

After receiving confirmation of availability of goods (Status: goods ready to send), which we will send to you within 1-3 business days we will implement your contract. The payment for the goods ordered to come only after receipt of tracking number of shipper. The information on the due date can be found on the invoice - you will get it by e-mail. Please transfer the sum of the contract made to our bank account:

Owner: VPA-Systems Lucjan Niewiedzial
Address: ul. Ogrodowa 10, 32-545 Psary, Poland
IBAN: PL85 1050 0116 9490 0000 0026 0529
Bank: ING Bank Slaski

Remember to set fees on your side.
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